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Engineering Consultant

Refinement Engineering is all about using the power of science to make life better for people, reduce cost and improve productivity.

Our Services

Suppliers and installers of Quality Electrical, Mechanical, Civil (Water) Power Generation, Power distribution and Building services with Operations throughout South Africa.

Overhead Powerlines

Our offering is based on turnkey civil, electrical and mechanical contracting. We offer engineering design, manufacturing, installation, testing, project management and construction of high voltage overhead power & transmission lines and affiliated components.

Switchboards & Generators

We specialize in the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of standard and purpose built electrical switchboards up to 1000V

Building & Civil Engineering

We are professionals disciplined in the art of design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment including but not limited to roads, canals, engine rooms and buildings.

Installation & Maintenance

From inception to execution we are hands on and technically sound. After the project handover we also offer maintenance contracts to ensure that best practice is maintained.

Make it Simple

“The fewer moving parts, the better”. “Exactly. No truer words were ever spoken in the context of engineering.” – C Cantrell


Use common sense. Make sure the quality of our products, effectiveness of our services and level of our capability is exactly what the client requires for us to deliver the desired result.


We do not “tinker”, we engineer. Breaking down the project to its basic elements, getting it’s essential features as well as their relationship to each other and external elements.


Implement flexible planning techniques to support strategic and long-range planning. We match short-term and long-term goals with our engineering solutions.

Plan for a better Future

Refinement Engineering was established in 2016, based on our passion to deliver great services. Long lasting excellent customer relationships that do not compromise the integrity of our customers and all stake holders, providing high quality electrical and mechanical turnkey projects.


100% Return Customers


50% Increase IN Efficiency

Our Specialties

  • Industrial Power Station
  • Urban and Rural Reticulation and Electrification
  • Electrical Distribution and Lighting installation

Refinement Engineering is a results-orientated, market-driven BEE company that uncompromisingly delivers service within determined parameters. Our competent technical management ensures a high quality of service and a high degree of safety. We pride ourselves on being a registered company in a good standing, we have an excellent record of completing projects on time. Proof available on request


Refine Engineering adheres to all regulations in the industry and is fully accredited. Level 1 BBBEE.

Simplicity in Complexity

Looking for excellence in efficient engineering, contact our team for your next project.

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