Perfection in Design, Immaculate in Execution.

Offering essential engineering services to South Africa. Professional Engineering services now has a name “Refinement Engineering”.  Take a look at some of our services.

Our Services

We take pride in our service offering knowing that a job well done, is a client well won. With a zero short cut policy and a 100% dedication to service excellence, we are confident that we can deliver on any project that we propose on.


Industrial Power Distribution

IPP Power Producer (Gas & Solar)


Protect Substations

Reticulation & Electrification

Generators (Gas & Diesel)

Air conditioning & Ventilation

Trademark Process

Execution & Analysis

Our team carefully, analyzes and maps out a successful execution plan, that does not compromise on the quality of work done or predefined time schedules.

Mapping & Planning

Once the plan is established by our comprehensive analysis techniques, the work is done without compromising the quality of our work or the security of our systems.

Environment Research

It is rare that 2 sites are similar and our diverse South African terrain offers a different set of challenges from project to project, our research analyzes and adjusts methods accordingly.

Creative Design

Our team designs state of the art techniques, that are in line with industry standards. Our work is not only done with a refined eye, but also adheres to international standards.

Our Clients

Some of the organizations that have successfully trusted us with their engineering projects

Success through excellence

Excellence in engineering, contact us to begin a winning business relationship.

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